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TouchBoard specialise in delivering successful solutions across a variety of market sectors. Our solutions success stories include education, retail, corporate, events, sports, government, defence, and the professional stage. At TouchBoard we believe that our products represent unlimited potential to improving information sharing and collaboration, whatever your environment.


Enhance collaboration and engagement, encourage discussion and ideas in any classroom setting.

Deliver effective small and large group lectures to university and higher education transform delivery methods for distance education.


Increase information dissemination and promote increased staff participation across all levels of Government with improved collaboration.

Improve strategic planning and decision making for Defence and Emergency Services.

Professional Stage

Bring interactivity to design & construction planning.

Enhance information assessment across medical and dental fields.

Increase participation when analysing information and data.


Improve planning and meetings, marketing and brainstorming sessions with active participation and collaboration.

Deliver training in a more engaging interactive experience. Enhance the potential of video conferencing.


Create an interactive medium to engage customers more at conferences and events.

Provide self-serve interactive information kiosks in important areas.


Bring in interactivity to improve performance analysis and match review session.

Improve strategy and game planning with the ability to annotate and collaborate in real time. Enhance information and administrative planning.

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