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If there is a red light it means power is connected. If not follow the below steps.

  • Check that the Power plug is plugged into the panel. (Behind the panel where buttons are)
  • Just under from power cord is an on/off switch. Please push switch on. Now check standby light at front right hand bottom corner of screen. This should be red.
  • Short press of power button on panel or Remote Control.

Long Press on Standby Button. On Remote or Panel, a short Press will only put the panel on sleep mode. A notice will come up with a timer giving you the option to either confirm shutdown or cancel.

To see which sources are active and what you have plugged in, select your side menu bar and the screen Icon (Source Menu). Now select source preview. Pictures will appear on all 7 source ports to show what is currently connected(V4). On Version 3 Source icons appear. 3 dots under the source indicate which source is active.

Press side menu. Press Home Screen.

Plug the HDMI Cable and USB into a Port (Eg: HDMI 2 at side of Panel + USB Touch). Plug the other end into the laptop. You will here a noise, this indicates the source has been picked up. The screen will then go to HDMI 2 (this has been preset to change source to last connected).

Switch off the TouchBoard at the wall or power source. Using a 100% cotton or microfibre cleaning cloth, apply the cleaning product to the cloth and clean the glass surface using a motion in one direction from the top to the bottom TouchBoard. Do not apply excessive pressure to the glass surface when cleaning. Using a DRY 100% cotton or microfibre cleaning cloth wipe the TouchBoard IR bezel. Do not apply excessive pressure to the IR bezel when cleaning.

Access Side menu. Press settings Icon. Make sure wifi is switched on, slide wifi switch to the right. Available networks will be listed. Select one to connect.

Insert USB Stick into any one of the USB Port on the panel. Select files on Android Home Screen. Select USB stick under local. Double click on any file.

Press Settings. 3rd icon down (V3, Pic of Square) Press Touch lock. Enter password to unlock (8888). V4 Press settings, go down to Other. Press Touch lock. To unlock press the physical button return on panel.

Bluetooth function is only available in V4. System Settings. Network and Connection, select Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is connected on Device, begin Pairing. Panel will automatically Pair. Device now saved and connected. Play Audio Content.

Press menu side bar, go down to pen icon. Select pen icon, tools appear at bottom. Write, select, screen capture, undo/redo, clear screen. Select pen write. V3 erase by palm of hand. V4 erase by palm or sect eraser on thick marker or finger.

Select screenshot on annotation toolbar. Drag area you want to capture, draw round or square capture. Save to whiteboard.

Make sure you are on the Main Android page, select APP icon. All Apps loaded on will appear. Double click existing App, this will now open up. Go into App store Aptoide, search for App or scroll through list. Select load and open.

Options on Bottom left-hand corner on S-Write. Press QR Symbol. QR code will generate, Scan on phone. S-Write saved file will appear on phones web browser. Beside QR Symbol click on the 3 lines, save options will appear, Save/Email/ load to Cloud drive or import a previous saved file. Select one, select file destination. This will now be saved to your file network which you can access on the android home screen or import on the S-Write page.

On S-Write, bottom corner left hand side select 3 lines. Upload to cloud. Sign into your Google or One Drive Account and it will navigate you there and select file destination.

Open up sidebar menu. Select 3 squares symbol above the power button. All your previous history will appear on sperate screens. Select a screen to go back into previous work. Or clear all. You also have the option to go back to a previous screen and split the image so you can work on previous work and new work at the same time.

Side bar menu. Settings, Wallpaper. Select pre saved wallpapers or add your own. Press + and this will take you into your file network for new wallpaper that you have sourced and saved. Press Wallpaper shuffling for rotation mode of current wallpapers.

Side Bar menu, press on Utilities (4Boxes). Press Vote. Box will appear in middle of screen. Type in Question, type in choices, press multiple.

55”, 65” and 70” 1080p Full HD and 84” 4k UHD

The TouchBoard Interactive Display have 6 points of touch as standard. Options include 10 points of touch.

Yes, a standard wall bracket is included.

The TouchBoard Mounting Systems Column Lift Systems are compatible with the 55”, 65” and 70” TouchBoard Interactive Displays.

The TouchBoard Mounting Systems Actuator Lift Systems are compatible with 55”, 65”, 70” and 84” TouchBoard Interactive Displays.

The TouchBoard Mounting Systems Fixed Height Systems are compatible with 55”, 65”, 70” and 84” TouchBoard Interactive Displays.

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