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Xenon Pro V4 Introduction

TouchBoard Introduction and introduction to the new Xenon Pro V4 Panel.

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Xenon Pro Intro Part 2

Introduction to software features of TouchBoard Xenon Pro V4.

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How to switch your Panel On

Quick guide to powering on Xenon Pro V4.

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How to turn Panel off/Sleep mode

Quick guide to power off and Sleep mode.

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How to clean your Panel

A guide on what to use and how to when cleaning your panel.

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Source Select

Guide to the source settings, switching sources, source preview, rename source.

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Connecting to Wifi

Guide on Internet and wifi settings for Xenon Pro V4.

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Using your pen/Multi Touch

Guide to using pen and multi touch. Xenon Pro V4.

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The App Store

Guide to downloading and selecting Apps.

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Different ways to split the screen. Paul talks through the different ways.

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Guide to Xenon Pro V4 stopwatch and Spotlight.

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Saving Files/File Network

Guide to saving and importing.

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Importing Pictures from Browser/file network

How to Import Pics.

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Eye Protection

Guide to Eye protection feature Xenon Pro V4.

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Guide to using Bluetooth Xenon Pro V4.

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