Mobile Height Adjustable System – Column Lift

Mobile Height Adjustable System – Column Lift

The TouchBoard Mobile Height Adjustable System with Twin Lifting Columns is engineered from high tensile steel materials and designed to support modern
LED touch panels up to 95kg.

The design provides an interactive panel with electronic height adjustability in the vertical position, catering for both a small and large group of users. This system also provides an inclusive learning environment for mobility impaired users.

Compact in design and having a lesser footprint than most other stands on the market, this system is the ideal solution for smaller office spaces and classrooms or shared spaces that require regular set up and pack away. Being mobile it is easily moved between areas and being height adjustable, it provides many options for the user.

A central laptop tray is included. Options include a side laptop tray, keyboard, PC and webcam mount.

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  • Designed to provide complete flexibility in any learning/presentation area
  • Provides inclusive learning for mobility impaired users
  • Perfect for Early Years, having a small footprint and able to go very low in height
  • Sturdy and robust with simple electronic actuator control
  • Easy to manoeuvre between areas and pack away when not required
  • Rear laptop tray included. Webcam and keyboard mounts available
  • Integrated power distribution board with surge protection
  • Fast and easy installation process, taking under 1 hour

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