Wall Mount Fixed Height Dual Screen System

Wall Mount Dual Screen System - Fixed Height

The TouchBoard Wall Mount Dual Screen System is engineered from high tensile steel and rigid aluminium materials and designed to support two modern LED touch panels up to 136kg.

Strong aluminium extrusions to transfer load to the floor rather than the wall, making it ideal for mounting in places where existing walls may not be structurally adequate.

Modular in design, this system can convert to the Mobile or Free Standing Dual Screen System providing the ability to adjust with the changing needs of the customer.

Available in fixed height, with mechanically adjustable to provide added flexibility and inclusive access for mixed or shared learning spaces. A central laptop tray is included as standard. Options include a side laptop tray, keyboard, PC and webcam mount as well as a lockable AV cabinet.

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  • Designed to provide complete flexibility in any learning / presentation area
  • Modular in design, being able to be converted to a Mobile or Free Standing Dual Screen System
  • Sturdy and robust simple mechanical height adjustability
  • Strong aluminium extrusions transfer load to floor
  • Central laptop tray and webcam included. Webcam, keyboard and lockable AV cabinet available.
  • Integrated power distribution board with surge protection
  • Fast and easy installation process, taking under 1 hour

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